An open source modding framework for the active branch of the survival game by FacePunch Studios, Rust.

What is Pluton?

Pluton is modding framework that allows server managers to use plugins on the survival game from FacePunch, Rust, servers running active software branch to change the default gameplay for a more custom feel. Actively developed and maintained by Pluton Team.

Easy to use

Plug and play. Precompiled binaries are a simple drag and drop to get working on your server.

Time saver

Choose from tons of plugins already created and ready for download to extend your server.

Open source

Pluton, including the Patcher, is 100% open source. You can check us out on github and even send a pull request if you have a change you think should be included.

Question-friendly Staff

Dont be scared to ask questions about plugins and for help; all staff and community are friendy and knowledgable. Most are on IRC daily and active in Slack.

Easy to customise

Writing your own plugin is a piece of cake! With our simple API, you can easily write your plugin in Python, CSharp, Javascript, or Lua!

Patcher files included

We include all files needed to patch Rust server files, if you wanted to build from source.


Get Started


Hello world written in python.

    class Example:

        def On_PlayerConnected(self, Player):

            Player.Message("Hello, world!")
            Player.Message("Bonjour, le monde")


For the more advanced coders, you can directly code in native CSharp, which is used to build rust. This is the fastest of the 3 in execution time.

    namespace HelloWorld
        public class HelloWorld : CSharpPlugin
            public void On_PlayerConnected(Player player)
                player.Message("Hello, world!");
                player.Message("Bonjour, le monde");


A simple hello world plugin written in javascript.

    function On_PlayerConnected(Player) {

        Player.Message("Hello, world!");
        Player.Message("Bonjour, le monde");


A hello world plugin written in Lua.

    function On_PlayerConnected(Player)
	    Player.Message("Hello, world!")
	    Player.Message("Bonjour, le monde")

Full Documentation

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The MIT License (MIT) - Copyright (c) 2014 Pluton Project collaborators. You can read the full license.

If you are feeling generous and want to show your support to Pluton, you can buy them a beer or coffee via the PayPal donate button below. :)

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